Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Everything, Everything is Nicola Yoon's novel debut, I'm not sure I've ever come across an author whose first book was everything a story should be

I purchased Everything, Everything quite a while ago, yet due to my pathetic attempt at reading this year, it remained on my shelf for a long time until this week when I finally saved it from the ever growing dust. It took me two sittings to read Everything, Everything, however, if the train hadn't pulled into my stopwhich I almost missed for being so absorbed in this storythen I would have definitely devoured it in one.

Everything, Everything is one of those young adult books that I completely lovelike All the Bright Places, My Heart and Other Black Holes, Saving Francesca and othersperhaps it's the elements of coming of age, pain and somewhat happiness that entices me. 

The story is about Madeline Whittier who suffers from a rare disease known as SCID—severe combined immunodeficiency—where basically she's allergic to the world and the slightest thing can trigger an illness. For almost eighteen years Maddy hasn't left the house, which she'd accustomed to over the years but it isn't until a moving truck appears next door, and she starts to get to know new neighbour Olly that she starts to long for something more. It's a little cliché, the boy next door changes the girl's life, but sometimes clichés can be justified and in this case it is. 

Towards the last third of the book, the novel goes from being slightly predictable to taking a complete u-turn, adding a slice of excitement and danger into the story, which was a more than pleasant surprise. There is also a devastating twist within the final part of this book, one that left me feeling an abundance of anger, yet also the element of understanding.

Nicola Yoon also discusses topics such as domestic abuse and mental illnesses in Everything, Everything and incorporates them in an eloquent manner that sheds light on the importance of these subjects.

As always, characters are a huge reason as to why I love a book, why I continue to flip page after page, and these characters were excellent examples of this. I possessed high admiration for our lead, Maddy, throughout this novel, as a pessimistic and cynical person, I felt uplifted by her strength and hope throughout the entire novel, though she wavered in the middle and towards the end, I feel she was a solid figure of optimism throughout this story. She was a strong heroine; who was a pleasure to read. 

Olly was wonderful, again a character with quite a horrific upbringing to be still so full of hope and care, it's so refreshing to read YA characters like these. Clara was a character who I adored, how she fought alongside Maddy for her to live her life and not be afraid of the world, how she understood and respected Maddy, I think Clara was probably, in my opinion, perhaps the best person in Maddy's life. 

Since I finished the book I've seen mixed reviews on the book's plot twist, yet I refuse to let it dampen my opinion, I loved this book and I can guarantee whenever Nicola Yoon brings out her next novel I will be ready to read it.