Saturday, 7 January 2017


The Hating Game is a book that so suddenly crept up on the book community and spiraled from there. I hadn't previously heard about Sally Thorne nor had I seen any publicity or promotion for The Hating Game, one day it was just unexpectedly there making such a big impact and made its way onto so many people's favourites shelf. 

Sally Thorne's first novel captured my undivided attention within the first few minutes of reading, having spent the past year in a severe slump with a pitiful attempt at reading, I could have only wished the have found this book sooner. The Hating Game reminded me why I love and choose to spend my time reading; I'd be at work or my time would be occupied and I would be like I just want to go home and read, and it has been so long since I felt that way, so thank you, Sally Thorne, for that.

When it comes to contemporary romance books I've read so many that I often forget the details and what they entail, but never will I forget The Hating Game, with an 'enemies to lovers' trope, two fantastic leads, and writing that made me turn page after page without hesitation; I wholeheartedly recommend this book to every reader.

This is the greatest enemies to lovers story that I have ever read, the writing is hugely entertaining; it's enriched with humour and wittiness that had me laughing aloud at a book for the first time in so long, yet it is equally measured with tenderness and sweet moments that had me gushing and grinning for hours.

Sally Thorne crafted these two characters and their relationship brilliantly, there is such a strong chemistry between the leads and the slow burn romance is more than worth the wait.  Lucy is a sheer delight, absolutely charismatic and comical, and reading from her point of view was wonderful. She's an incredible character, whose kindness is admirable and I loved being apart of her world. Joshua Templeman, well, what a fantastic and entertaining male character, his words had me laughing, rolling my eyes and of course swooning, but above all, I found him relatable in relation to how people view him and his underlying shyness. I found him completely enjoyable, amusing and quite charming, and I loved getting to know him more and more as the story went on.

It's so rare that when I read a new adult romance book that I genuinely care about the characters but Lucy and Josh are the exception. I want to know everything about these characters, I want to see their journey in a years time, in five years time, in twenty years time. I need Sally Thorne to one day take a trip back to these characters and immerse us in their lives once more. 

The Hating Game was a surprising and tremendous read that I will recommend to everyone for as long as I can, Sally Thorne is an incredible writer who has the ability to make you laugh and your heart squeeze in the same page, I still can't quite believe this is her novel debut. I'm so eager to see what her next novel involves, yet really hope that one day we'll see more Josh and Lucy.