Saturday, 25 March 2017


Young adult books are what brought me back to reading after numerous years of absence from the world of written stories. Yet lately, I've started to drift from the young adult novels. No longer do I find myself gravitating to the young adult section in Waterstones, and if I do it's a simple glance at a blurb or the new releases. 

Being twenty-one I find it difficult to relate to a character that is around the age of sixteen—despite being able to emphasize with their teenage struggles—I have to mentally vision them older to be able to relate to them or even read on. This doesn't happen with every book, but at least 75 percent of them it does.

I read far fewer books than I used to, feeling incredibly proud of myself if I read at least three books a month opposed to my fifteen a month in previous years, and when I do read I want something easy. I do feel that second year of university has definitely dampened my reading ability, I use reading as a form of escapism and jumping into a book full of world building and almost new languages involves a bit too much for my brain to process. However, that's more to do with me, studies and limited free time rather than the stories themselves.

Then I began to question is it just fantasy and dystopian novels I'm drifting from? Because I can easily consume a contemporary young adult novel, but it can take me weeks or even months to finish a story not set in this world. Though despite this some of my favourite ever stories are ones of fantasy, from The Infernal Devices to The Winner's Curse.

Young Adult holds some of the greatest stories I have ever read, there is such a vast amount of imagination and intricacy of detail. It's not necessarily I want to move on from Young Adult, I'm fearful that my interest is dwindling. Perhaps all I simply need to do is push through, find a new range of YA books and start there. Because truthfully, I don't think I'll ever be able to leave behind the young adult universe, I'll be twenty-five and be anticipating the release of Chain of Iron excited for Will Herondale to make an appearance.

I never want to give up on this genre, as I said it brought me back to reading. I owe this genre, as ridiculous as it sounds, so much. The majority of books that I have read have shaped me into who I am, especially YA ones, so I'm grateful for that. Maybe when I finish my exams and have a month off before whatever happens in July happens, then I'll be able to reconnect with YA.